PTO and pump installation made simpler and more reliable

Parker Chelsea saves installation time with the new 897 Series PTO.

Olive Branch, Miss., May 18, 2010—Parker Chelsea, a power transfer solutions provider to the work truck market, makes PTO and pump installation simpler and more reliable. Torsional vibrations from today’s diesel engines that prematurely wear out mating PTO and pump splines and the large physical size of the pumps used on these applications have always made a challenging application on these work trucks. Chelsea's new 897 series is designed with these challenges in mind.

The 897 provides you with maximum clearance and wet spline system to lubricate the mating PTO and pump shafts—providing you with extended shaft life. The new 897 series is a constantly engaged PTO and a very good choice for applications that use a variable displacement piston pump. The 897 is available with 5 speed ratios and eight output options providing you with broad coverage for all your application requirements.

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