Terex TA300 30 ton articulated truck introduced

Truck delivers rugged and reliable productivity, offers highest hp and torque in its class.

Southaven, Miss., May 25, 2010—The new Terex TA300 articulated truck delivers rugged and reliable productivity. Boasting the highest horsepower and torque in its class, the TA300, which replaces the TA30, is the only 30-ton hauler that comes standard with a fully independent front suspension (IFS) system.

“Everything about the new TA300 has been carefully considered to increase productivity levels and enhance operator comfort,” says Ken Emmett, product manager, Terex Construction Americas. “From the new ergonomic cab and oil-cooled disc brakes—to the standard independent front suspension system, exceptional fuel economy and highest torque and power in its class, it’s all designed with our customers’ needs in mind.”

The TA300 provides the highest power and torque in the 30-ton articulated truck class, boasting a 385-hp, Tier 3-compliant Cummins diesel engine, a ZF fully automatic with manual override transmission and a maximum torque of 1,309 lb ft at 1,400 rpm. This performance, coupled with the 100 percent differential locking action, enables the TA300 to tackle the most challenging grades and extreme site conditions with ease. The maneuverability and tractive effort means the truck is well suited to such diverse applications as quarrying, mining, construction and road maintenance.

The IFS system helps to ensure a smooth ride when traveling over rough terrain, making it easier to handle and increasing productivity. In addition to achieving quicker haul cycles, shock loads and vibrations are also lessened—increasing component life, enhancing operator comfort and reducing driver fatigue.

The 22.9-yd3 capacity body can be tailored to maximize production and durability through options such as liner plates, side extensions and a tailgate. “With a maximum payload of 30 tons and a body dump cycle time of 20 seconds,” said Emmett, “customers will benefit from low cost-per-ton per hour when moving material.”

Another important feature of the TA300—and all Terex articulated haulers—is the oil-cooled multiple-disc brakes on each axle, which provide extended brake component life, reduce service intervals and operating costs and improve overall braking performance in comparison to traditional dry-disc brake systems fitted as standard by other leading manufacturers. Service brake life is further increased by the use of a Jacobs compression-release engine brake for retardation. A hydraulic transmission retarder is available as an option.

The TA300 also has a new ergonomic cab designed to provide operators comfort and control. Control positions and instrument groupings have been arranged according to operator feedback. The cab also benefits from reduced interior noise levels, an improved steering wheel, more effective air conditioning, a high-quality sound system and new mirrors. Interior aesthetics have been updated to anthracite grey with a matte finish to reduce glare and improve durability.

Maintenance is simple to perform on the TA300. From the wide opening angle of the hood to ground level access to the major components, every consideration has been given to servicing the TA300. Mechanics can easily complete under-hood service thanks to the wide platforms on both sides of the engine.

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