Fuel Pump Diagnostic Kit introduced for accurate detection of defective fuel pumps

Actron OBDII diagnostic tool line now includes the Fuel Pump Diagnostic Kit, helping detect whether a fuel pump is defective.

Cleveland, February 17, 2010—Actron, manufacturer of OBDII diagnostic tools, introduces the Fuel Pump Diagnostic Kit (Product Number CP9220A)—a comprehensive diagnostic tool kit designed to help detect whether a fuel pump is defective and to assist in diagnosing fuel-system related performance problems.

"The solution to fuel pump problems is no longer a matter of trial and error by the old method of removing and replacing parts until you find the issue," says Jennifer Otto, product manager for Actron. "Our new kit, developed in consultation with a major fuel pump manufacturer, contains all of the components needed to perform standard electrical and pressure tests for on-car and bench troubleshooting."

The Actron Fuel Pump Diagnostic Kit includes Actron's AutoAnalyzer Fuel Pressure Tester Kit and trilingual (English, Spanish and French) User Manual, which incorporates test procedures for most domestic and import model vehicles along with make, model and engine-specific data for fuel pump pressure performance and testing access points.

Featuring a 40-inch gauge hose to easily reach any test point, the kit is compatible with vehicles that have a Schrader valve test port on the fuel rail. The kit also features: a detachable rubber hose connection at fuel rail, fuel line or fuel filter; are GM models with threaded connection at fuel filter or throttle body; or are Asian, European and domestic makes with a "banjo bolt" connection.

A 2-1/2 inch gauge with 0-100 psi/0-700 kPa scales provides accurate diagnostic measurements, while a pressure relief button and 6-ft. hose allow for safe disposal of gasoline and repeating tests without gauge disconnection.

The AutoAnalyzer assists in locating faulty wiring and testing electrical components, engine sensors, ignition and fuel systems and starting/charging system voltage, accurately pinpointing the problem area to determine which components need repair or replacement.

Other features of the Actron Fuel Pump Diagnostic Kit include a backlit LCD for easy reading both day and night, a hold button to retain display data, automatic polarity sensing to avoid reversed test lead hook-ups and automatic zero adjustment for volts, amps and battery tests for accurate measurements.

A fold-out stand provides an improved viewing position, and color-coded detachable test leads with alligator clips allow for convenient, hands-free use. A comprehensive user manual with illustrated step-by-step procedures is included in the kit, which comes in a blow-molded carrying case and has a one-year warranty.

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