New AP90 High Output Series Fans from SPAL USA

SPAL USA has introduced AP90 High Output (H.O.) Series electric cooling fans to improve airflow in high static pressure applications including diesel trucks, racing, off-road vehicles and buses.

SPAL USA has introduced AP90 High Output (H.O.) Series electric cooling fans to improve airflow in high static pressure applications including diesel trucks, racing, off-road vehicles and buses.

"The demand for better 'air through the radiator' performance as never been stronger, especially with the proliferation of diesel pickups on the road today," said Brent Clark, chief operating officer, SPAL USA. "Our new fans are specially engineered for maximum output at high static pressure."

High static pressure results when a large air mass is forced through a single or multi-stacked radiator core. As the flowing air is restricted by the density of the core, a pressure differential is created and the cooling fan must work harder to overcome it. High static pressures can also occur when a radiator has tightly packed fins and a small core.

A good example of a high static pressure scenario is a diesel pickup truck. High airflow rates are required to cool not only the radiator, but also the charge air cooler, A/C condenser and oil coolers. With such demand, static pressure levels can skyrocket, especially when the vehicle is towing a heavy load or has been modified to produce more horsepower.

Featuring a proprietary new curved blade design, the AP90 H.O. Series fans are available in 11", 12" and 16" sizes. Throughout 2008, SPAL USA will introduce additional H.O. Series fans.

Fan length, height and width specifications as well as maximum airflow ratings - measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm) - are as follows:
* 11" = 11.7"x11.9"x4.39" (1,604 cfm)
* 12" = 13.0"x13.0"x4.39" (1,870 cfm)
* 16" = 15.7"x15.7"x3.74" (1,953 cfm)

"What's critical to understand is that our fans hold their airflow rating in very high static pressure," added Clark. "Zero static, or 'free air' readings do not register high, so don't be fooled by huge cfm claims. The fan's ability to maintain its performance is the key."

Beyond their exclusive design, H.O. Series fans can move air more efficiently in high static pressure conditions than competing fans because SPAL controls virtually every aspect of their production. While many other fans are pieced together using different vendors, SPAL engineers and manufactures its own parts. In other words, SPAL fans are "in harmony" - the motor, blades and shroud are uniquely designed to function as complementary components of the fully assembled unit.

Like all SPAL fans, the AP90 models feature rigid, glass-filled nylon blades - dynamically balanced internally and externally to minimize vibration. The fan motors are sealed and individually balanced, and the entire assembly is high heat resistant, meaning the fan can be expected to outlive the vehicle in which it is installed.

Warranted against defects in material and workmanship for three years from date of sale to the original purchaser, AP90 H.O. Series fans can be purchased direct from SPAL USA at, or through an authorized SPAL USA dealer.

Founded in 1959, SPAL is headquartered in Correggio, Italy. The company also maintains global facilities in Ankeny, Iowa, (SPAL USA), São Paulo (SPAL Brazil) and Shanghai (SPAL China).

SPAL is a leading manufacturer of ISO 9001- and TS16949-certified OEM and aftermarket automotive products, including electric cooling fans, centrifugal blowers, power window switch kits, power door lock kits, security systems, shaved door kits and keyless entry systems.

Continuous research and development efforts have earned SPAL an excellent reputation for high-quality products and state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing processes. Upon request, SPAL can custom design many of its products to meet specific customer requirements.

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