Valley Launches Next Gen Trailer Brake Control

Odyssey II advances function, style and size

New from Valley is the ultramodern Odyssey II brake controller loaded with special features.

The Odyssey II derives much of its technology from Valley's original Odyssey controller, then goes beyond with an array of exciting enhancements, including a user preset button that allows drivers to save their brake controller settings (Load Level and Output Gain) to one of four memory positions (similar to saving station presets on a radio).

The preset function is particularly convenient when: (1) the vehicle/trailer has multiple operators who prefer slightly different settings; (2) the operator has multiple trailers; (3) the operator tows a trailer that requires different settings when it is loaded/unloaded; (4) the operator encounters any combination of these scenarios.

An exclusive pressure sensitive switch for manual trailer brake activation is also new. The switch replaces the manual sliding lever common to other controllers. It allows the operator more finite control over the power being applied to the trailer brakes. The harder the button is pushed, the more power is applied.

An enhanced display panel has also been designed to support the controller's advanced functions. Four green LED lights indicate the operator's preset selections while a segmented LED shows the pressure being applied by the manual braking switch. And, rather than a rotary knob to control Output Gain adjustments, two separate buttons for Gain Increase (+) and Gain Decrease (-) are now presented.

The new Odyssey II is more compact than the pioneering Odyssey, so it can be easily mounted to more locations inside the vehicle. It sports an integrated harness connector within its case for added plug-and-play convenience. A mating harness also is supplied with the controller, as are a custom slide-in mounting bracket, hardware and easy-to-follow installation instructions. A 30-amp circuit breaker, (purchased separately) may be required for some vehicles.

Inherent to the new controller are technologies that made Valley's original Odyssey™ popular among trailer operators, including patented dual-axis accelerometer technology that continually recognizes varying road terrain changes and senses the vehicle's rate of deceleration to apply the correct amount of braking force at precise intervals for a smooth and seamless stop.

Designed for light- to heavy-duty applications (one to four axle trailers) with 2, 4, 6 or 8 brake systems, the Odyssey II features four easily adjustable power level settings. Each level increases the initial power curve to the trailer brakes, making the controller fully adjustable for progressively heavier loads.

The Odyssey II also incorporates polarity protection in that the control will not be destroyed in the event the power and ground wires are connected backwards. The unit creates no output interference with vehicle electrical systems, cruise control systems or anti-lock brakes.

The new Odyssey II is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and can be purchased at leading automotive parts and retail stores including Napa Auto, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Carquest Auto Parts and U-Haul locations. To find a Valley dealer in your area, visit the company online at and select the "Where to Buy" link (or call 800.344.3112).

About Valley:
Valley, a division of Thule Towing Systems North America, has been manufacturing quality towing products since 1947. To ensure customer satisfaction and a safe towing experience, Valley develops, designs, and tests its products in a state-of-the-art R&D facility. Valley products are manufactured to exceed federal and state government towing standards.

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