Gateway Cities Fleet Modernization Program Celebrates 5 Years of Pollution Reduction

GCCOG'S Truck Replacement Initiative has Reduced Emissions of Harmful Air Pollutants by an Estimated 319 Tons

"We are excited and proud to achieve this milestone over five years," said the President of the GCCOG's Board of Directors, Elba Guerrero. "By removing older trucks from use and replacing them with newer trucks, the Gateway Cities Fleet Modernization Program is addressing Southern California's two most urgent air quality goals. Specifically, it reduces people's direct exposure to diesel particulate matter in highly impacted 'goods movement' corridors, and it helps the entire region achieve health-based ambient air quality standards."

The following is a statement from Americans for Balanced Energy Choices Executive Director Joe Lucas On Governor Sebelius' open letter regarding the Holcomb power plant:

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