Construction equipment: Drill rigs bring power, depth, more flexibility to your fleet

Construction equipment: Bay Shore Systems’ TR Series Drill Rigs offer hydraulic torque up to an unstoppable 200,000 ft-lbs.

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Construction equipment: Engineered for high performance, reliability and productivity, Bay Shore Systems’ TR Series boasts hydraulic torque up to an unstoppable 200,000 ft-lbs., which means plenty of power, plus drilling depths of up to 100 feet. It can be mounted to a truck, track or excavator depending on the needs of your fleet. It features comfortable, easy operation and a fully integrated kelly winch to avoid bird nesting or broken cables. The TR Series is 100 percent hydraulic with no shifting required for consistent quality, hole to hole.

It features comfortable, easy operation and a fully integrated kelly winch. And it’s 100 percent hydraulic with no torque converter and no transmission, bringing you consistent operation from hole to hole. Some TR models come with separate side tilt and mast tilt functions to help set your rig quickly and precisely, while others have auto-level function to improve production. Look to TR for:
• Rock drilling
• Typical foundation drilling
• Battered or raked holes
• Power line and utility foundations

Truck mounted: Reduces environmental impact and costs by using truck’s engine. Leads to better visibility and reduced noise. Ease of movement from site to site with a truck base.

Track mounted: Highly efficient, with no outriggers to pull up and reset on every hole. Compact size for one load transport.

Excavator mounted: Full range and pivot of an excavator plus extra reach to get over a hole with a boom.

TR Series upgrades
• Square kelly bar upgrades, with a choice of three grades of material
• Kelly winch upgrade to a larger winch for maximum hoisting
• Add a service winch to make tool changes quick and convenient
• Round, self-locking kellys to increase crowd force in hard drilling
• Reaction jack in combination with round, self-locking kellys to handle
tough rock
• Power line detector that sounds when you’re close to live overhead lines
• Boom modification to maximize the size of the TR you can put on a
smaller excavator
• Telescoping boom to work out further beyond the tracks or increase
crowd force and flexibility
• Quick disconnect to easily remove the TR from the excavator

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