Truck accessories: IP65 compliant docking solutions for Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets

Truck accessory: Havis’ IP65 compliant docking solutions are designed to protect against dust and water, with internal power supply options.

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Truck accessories: Havis Inc., a manufacturer of mobile office solutions, offers IP65-rated fixed docking solutions with internal power supply options for Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablets. The DS-DELL-700 Series expands Havis’ existing product line for mobile applications requiring an IP65 compliant rating and an internal power supply. The low-profile design maximizes productivity in mobile offices where harsh environmental or weather conditions are a factor, such as with forklifts in material handling and warehousing applications.

The DS-DELL-700 Series offers tablet charging, security and connection to peripherals in rugged work environments. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating of “65” indicates a “dust tight” design that protects enclosures against jets of water from any direction. Internal power supply options provide a compact solution for mobile charging in the field or warehouse, while built-in theft deterrence provides added security for devices. Tablets are secured in the DS-DELL-700 Series by aligning devices in sockets and fixing with tamper-proof screws for ultimate device security in rugged conditions. Combined with mounting and motion accessories, the docking solutions can be integrated into a number of vehicle applications, including forklift and carts.

Internal power supply options in the Havis DS-DELL-700 Series are available for 12V vehicles, while external power supply solutions are available to accommodate a full range of forklift voltage requirements.

Havis works directly with original equipment manufacturers like Dell to develop docking solutions that create more comfortable, safe and productive mobile offices. Havis’ docking product line is ergonomically designed with rounded corners and edges to maximize safety and comfort, and tested to the industry’s highest safety standards to ensure quality performance in the most rugged conditions.

To complete the total mobility solution, Havis offers a range of accessories, including Screen Blanking Solutions powered by Blank-It to provide easy, safe and legally-compliant ways to prevent driver distraction and manage mobile computer displays while operating warehouse equipment.

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