Truck accessories: Automatic tire chains activated by driver from a dashboard switch

Truck accessories: On icy, slippery roads, Onspot automatic tire chains help you arrive safely and on time.

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Truck accessories: Onspot is easy to use and reliable. On icy and slippery roads, the automatic tire chains are activated by the driver – from a dashboard switch. For emergency vehicles, public transport or commercial vehicles, Onspot is a smart insurance to help you arrive safely and on schedule.

The Onspot system is basically a simple and very reliable concept. It is wheel fitted with several chains that are lowered and held towards the driving wheels. When the chain wheel rotates, the chains are placed under the driving wheels to increase traction.

Onspot is engaged only when needed – up to 35mph (50km/h) without having to stop the vehicle. It works whether you are accelerating, braking or in a loss of traction situation. When engaged, traction is obtained in forward or reverse.

Onspot is conveniently engaged and disengaged by flipping a switch on the dashboard. It is a trouble-free and ever-present solution for avoiding delays due to slippery road conditions.

For more information about Onspot or other products, click here to go to Utility Products’ website.

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