Fleet management: Screen blanking and the total mobility solution

Safety equipment: Havis’ Screen Blanking powered by Blank-It reduces driver distraction and improves road safety.

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Mobile computers: Havis’ Screen Blanking powered by Blank-It reduces driver distraction and improves road safety. The solution also provides easy, safe and legally compliant ways to manage in-vehicle computer displays and prevent driver distraction. Blank-it is a combination of a multi-sensor, rugged USB and intelligent modular software technology.

Your Total Mobility Solution starts with a business problem and includes:
• Software to solve the business problem for the end user
• Hardware to run the software inside the vehicle
• Connectivity & Integration to the back-end systems
• Havis Docking & Mounting solutions to make sure the hardware is mounted safely and allows for greatest up-time and productivity
• Havis Screen Blanking solutions powered by Blank-it to manage in-vehicle computer displays and prevent driver distraction
• Havis Power Management solutions to ensure sufficient output of the computing device for extended periods of time
• Accessories such as keyboards to assist in completing your Total Mobility Solution

Key Features:

Easy to Install for Any Fleet
• Vehicle independent, self-contained and flexible solution to mitigate problems associated with in-vehicle computing
• Can be embedded in a docking station or secured by a customized cage for added security and compliance
• No drilling, hardwiring, antennae or GPS required for installation or use
• Does not rely on third party applications that may void your vehicle's warranty

Flexibility and Customization
• Configurable for a variety of work environments, such as on-road or in the warehouse
• Allows for a list of programs defined by your company to still be accessible
• Widely used throughout the public safety, utility and field services industry in fleets of all sizes

Safety With Our Screen Blanking Solutions
• Reduces visual, cognitive, and physical distractions by limiting device functionality while in motion
• Improves employee safety while potentially reducing the costs that would be associated with an accident
• Once activated, the screen display will lock to prevent or restrict use of the in-vehicle computer

Legislation and Corporate Responsibility
• Companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of their fleet, their employees and the public
• Screen blanking helps prepare fleets for current and future regulations relating to display equipment within vehicles used for work

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