Utility vehicles: Fuel delivery and tire care service for fleets

Fleet maintenance: Booster expands fuel delivery and tire care service for fleets. Service debuts at 2018 NAFA Fleet Management Association Institute and Expo.

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Utility vehicles: Booster, a gas delivery service, announced that fuel delivery and tire care services are available for fleets in Texas and California, at the NAFA Fleet Management Association 2018 Institute and Expo in Anaheim, Calif. Fuel is delivered by background-checked, rigorously trained and hazmat tanker-certified service professionals who drive Booster's proprietary mini tankers. The new service launch follows a series of successful pilot programs with fleet partners ranging in size from tens to thousands of vehicles.

Booster offers fuel delivery direct to the site of the fleet during day, evening or weekend hours to eliminate fleet downtime. Benefits of the service include:
• Eliminating costly employee time spent driving and fueling at the gas station
• Minimizing vehicle wear and tear by cutting out unnecessary mileage
• Reducing risk of theft and improper fuel selection
• Enhancing safety by avoiding vehicle and employee exposure to high-risk gas station locations
• Detailed reporting to track fuel consumption

"At Booster we have re-invented the fuel supply chain by cutting out the gas station. We are able to provide quality fuel to fleets without adding expense and in fact, we are able to help fleets save 20 percent or more on their total fueling expenses," said Tyler Raugh, President of Fleet and Co-Founder, Booster. "We are able to offer peace of mind to our fleet partners by reducing expense, eliminating fuel theft and making sure each day starts with a full tank to optimize operations."

Tire care services including pressure check and inflation, tread check and level tracking are also offered to help improve gas mileage and safety.

"Tire inflation is imperative to the safety of a fleet," adds Raugh. "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports vehicles with proper tire inflation are three times less likely to be involved in an accident. We are proud to offer this service to our fleet partners."

Booster is an insured, safe, and licensed fuel retailer meeting all DOT, EPA and air quality requirements. Booster is the only legal and permitted gas delivery service for fleets in Texas and California.

About Booster
Booster is the leading gas delivery company serving hundreds of locations including Fortune 500 campuses, office parks, university campuses, retail locations, and commercial fleets in California and Texas. Booster offers high-quality, competitively priced gasoline with same-day delivery with no fees or membership cost.

For more information about Booster or other products, click here to go to Utility Products’ website.

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