Fleet management: Get a clear view of your fleet’s condition

Vehicle tracking: Verizon Connect provides dependable help for essential service providers. Makes utilities, and related companies, more reliable and productive.

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Fleet management: Verizon Connect provides dependable help for essential service providers. Makes utilities, and related companies, more reliable and productive.

Get critical information more quickly by tracking all your assets on a single screen
Monitor your workers, vehicles and equipment in near real-time with advanced command and control software from Verizon Connect. See a full fleet overview in seconds, including third-party contractors, or drill down to check an ETA on a single vehicle in the field. Check status, boom activity and routes at will. Include detailed map overlays to paint a complete picture of what's going on, including weather, satellite imagery, traffic and custom GIS data such as power lines and poles.

Our solutions are designed to work with your existing systems
Add the powerful visibility, control, efficiency and safety benefits of Verizon Connect solutions to your utility company without conflicts with your current business software. We use flexible API connectors to make integration with existing systems, such as OMS or ERP, smooth and easy. Speak with our professional services team to explain what you run and what you need, and we'll work with you to successfully plan and deploy a complete solution.

Act faster in emergencies, outages and other urgent situations
The enhanced tracking, routing and communication capabilities Verizon Connect brings to your business on a daily basis are all the more important in a crisis situation. Respond immediately to emergencies-and help avoid outages-by managing your team more efficiently and effectively. Get location and status for any and all vehicles, instantly calculate and send optimal routes, and dispatch skilled team members and special equipment to where they're needed most.

Get more done in a day, no matter how far away
Verizon Connect utility management software makes it easier than ever to manage people and equipment stationed at remote job sites or moving around in the field. Our advanced tools turn huge volumes of location data into smart and actionable plans, helping you schedule more effectively, plan for capacity and boost asset utilization.

Safer driving habits
Receive alerts for unsafe driving and provide real-time feedback to promote better behavior behind the wheel. Identify driver trends and address dangerous habits, such as hard braking and harsh cornering, to get them corrected before they lead to accidents. Get notified if an airbag deploys.

Secured equipment
Ensure all your assets are being properly maintained with electronic DVIR and walkaround verification.

Supervised workplace
Make sure managers are where they're supposed to be, check start and stop times, monitor incoming weather and track lone workers in the field.

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